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Gig Harbor Law is an integral part of the Pierce County community in Washington state. We help clients resolve any legal issues they face throughout their lives, from complex business and real estate transactions to estate planning and family matters — and everything in between. Our attorney has the breadth and depth of legal knowledge to help you with your particular case.

Whatever the legal matter, we will work to assist you. Speak to us to discover all of your legal options.

No-Frills Advice About Your Legal Matter

Our ability to connect with people and help them understand the intricacies inherent to their cases is one of our strongest characteristics. You may feel insecure and anxious about your case before you walk into our office, but we will talk you through your options, provide you with clear advice and give you confidence in the decisions you make about your case.

Making a complicated legal process understandable to you is a critical part of the lawyer-client relationship. We will help you understand exactly what you are risking and advise you on how you can come out the other side of your case with a successful conclusion. To learn more about our approach, visit our Practice Philosophy page.

An Attorney With Experience

To learn more about managing partner Nathan Sukhia, please click on his profile below:

Nathan Sukhia
Gig Harbor Law Nathan Sukhia

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Given the many circumstances that can surround any case, it is difficult to give blanket or uniform advice. To obtain legal counsel tailored to your goals, call us at 253-313-1396 or, if you prefer to reach out online, you can send us a message.